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General Information

*CustomerIT ContactIT Contact Phone Number


IP Address of Device

(The IP address is a unique address on your network in the form of XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.)

*Subnet Mask

(The Subnet Mask comes in the form of XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.  In most networks this number is the same for all devices.)

Gateway Address

(This will determine to where the machine will look to access other networks.  This will be necessary if the machine needs to access the Internet for any reason- such as an offsite mail server.  Usually the same for all devices on the network.)

DNS Address

(A DNS address is required when using a name as your Email Server.  They are usually the same for all devices on the network.)

Domain Name


Will the print drivers be installed on a server or locally on each machine?
If drivers will be installed locally, how many computers will Fisher's configure?Print Server Name

User Codes

Is a User Codes List Available?


Scanning Options

(The server path can be the IP Address or host name. This is how the machine will send email.)

Scan to Folder Path

(Scan to Folder Path is the base URL that the scans will to to, such as \\server\share\folder.  If there are multiple locations please specify all of them.)

Email Server Path (ex. SMTP Server)

(The Email Server Path can be the IP Address or host name. This is how the machine will send email.)

Would you like to email over SSL or TLS?

(SSL and TLS are more secure types of email transmission.  Some machines support them and some do not, so please check with the installing technician.)

Email Server UsernameEmail Server Password


Fax Options

(With Fax from Computer, you can send faxes from your desktop via a special FAX driver.  With Fax Forwarding, you can have your received faxes forwarded to an email address or folder.)

Fax Forwarding Destination(s)What is your fax number?


Name of server for PageTrac installation

eCopy Connectors

eCopy Connectors if Known (eCopy is extra software designed to accmodate complex scanning workflows)


Other Information